With international and local legislative and regulatory pressure mounting, there has never been a more important time to be informed.

This is a watershed era in the industry and it is now vital to protect and promote industry interests if this significant sector is to survive and thrive.

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There has never been a more important time to be informed and to protect and promote this valuable industry.

Support the HPA and it will support you. Don’t delay! Join the Industry’s most proactive and vocal trade association and reap the rewards.

Membership benefits

  • Belong to a network of hundreds of members with natural health product associated businesses.
  • Attend bi-monthly HPA General Meetings that provide an information forum whereby HPA members are reliably updated on current legislative issues and other matters pertinent to the industry. HPA members can exchange information and get to know leading role-players and other industry stakeholders.
  • As the HPA provides a communication channel that links people and stakeholder networks, regular opportunities are available to network with industry colleagues.
  • The HPA also promotes cooperation between other relevant associations, medical bodies and partners in order to encourage mutual understanding.
  • The HPA is the united voice that negotiates on behalf of the health products industry regarding legal matters.
  • The HPA is in constant communication with members of the Department of Health (DOH), including the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA), the Head of the Inspectorate and other legislative bodies.
  • The HPA advises members on how to fight for the right outcomes concerning legislation, and keeps them up to date on key legislative and regulatory developments.
  • The HPA sources information through its global network. This information is shared with Members.
  • The HPA has assisted in researching and preparing a significant body of international research relating to current developments in natural health products, nutritional supplementation, CAMs, nutrition and dietetic fields.
  • the HPA has from time to time invested in market trends and information – see link Euromonitor – vitamins and supplements 2015

The HPA established a Self-Monitoring Advisory Programme to assist in maintaining high ethical standards for manufacturing, quality control, safety, marketing and advertising within the industry and in the marketplace. This facility will:

  • Answer queries. The HPA Secretariat and the Self-Monitoring Advisory Committee (SMAC) are only an email away and can assist. Send your questions and we will respond.
  • Deal with issues and concerns. The HPA offers a free service that helps Members establish and maintain high ethical standards of production, quality control, marketing and advertising, send your questions and we will respond.
  • Address grievances. Members are encouraged to take to the SMAC any grievance against another HPA Member company. This committee will assist with mediation, send your questions and we will respond.
  • To find out how to comply with HPA Codes of Practice
  • The HPA is a member of the Brussels-based IADSA (International Association of Dietary Supplements Associations).
  • The HPA is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM)
  • The HPA is a member of BioPANZA
  • The HPA maintains close contact with associated international bodies to help promote opportunities for product export and import. To find out more click here.

The HPA has forged strong relationships with key media representatives, and acts as a central information point to promote to and cooperate with the media. HPA Members have the added benefit of:

  • Access to the Members’ section of the HPA website and related media exposure.
  • Media exposure:
    • e-bulletins
    • PR exposure
    • Annual media presentations
  • Conventions and Seminars.
  • Access to extensive mailing lists including: health shops and leading pharmacies, complementary health companies and associated companies, DOH personnel, consumers, trade and key media-related professionals. To request information click here.

How to join?

To qualify as an HPA Member a company must be registered in South Africa as either a manufacturer, marketer, wholesaler, distributor, retailer, supplier or consultant to the Natural Health Products, Nutritional Dietary Supplements and CAMs industry.

Members must agree to always act in accordance with the law, abide by the HPA Code of Practice, adopt the HPA Advertising Code and act in a professional manner.


Several Membership options are available. These include Primary, Retail and Associate.


Health Shops who retail products that fall within the health and wellness category.


Manufacturers, Marketers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Exporters and Importers of finished products, Retailers (who have their own brand) and Contract Packers that make products for third parties.


Companies or Associations affiliated to the Natural Health Product Industry that do not produce, market or distribute products, for example Suppliers of raw and packaging materials; Retailers (who don’t have their own brands), Sales Agents, Consultants and Practitioners.


Companies or Individuals who have an interest in this industry but do not form part of it e.g. academic institutions.

To experience the many advantages of being an HPA member, simply click on the button and download the forms

  • Applying for HPA membership is simple. Just complete the form below and an application form will be forwarded promptly.
  • Fill in and return the application form, GMP Checklist and a selection of 3 of the company’s product labels and marketing materials in order for the SMAC to conduct an initial review. Return the forms to
  • All applications for HPA membership require the approval of the elected HPA
  • The application will be processed and should it be successful, the applicant will be informed accordingly.
  • A three-month probationary period will be enforced following application acceptance.

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To experience the many advantages of being an HPA member, simply click on the button below.



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