May 2019

Cash Injection for rooibos research

R4.5 million injection for Rooibos research

Hemp market forecast to hit $20billion by 2024

Five ingredients driving the booming digestive health category

Fermented foods opportunity continues to ripen

Major retail contract gives CBD oil a hefty high street boost

Plant powered proteins thrive in the sports nutrition sector

Nutrition is top priority for about half of mothers globally

Essential oils found to demonstrate potent antibacterial effects comparable to modern antibiotics

CRN offers quick tips to brands about new Supplement Facts labels

April 2019

Vitamin D may help regulate immune system


CRN Opens Membership to Include CBD Companies

CRN Launches Campaign to Educate Consumers on Dietary Supplement Label Changes

New data reveals generational preferences for CBD

Transforming Women’s Health with Resveratrol

Opportunities abound in sports nutrition energy products

Optimising appetite: Probiotic startup exploits gut-brain link to ‘retrain’ the obese and malnourished

Brain Health Market Trends: Supporting Cognition with Science

March 2019

Botanicals must be in food, not medicine, for ‘historical use’ safety justification

Top influencers favorite products and trends from Natural Products Expo West 2019

Curcumin’s popularity ups and downs

AHPA issues guidance on hemp and hemp-derived CBD supplements & foods

How to stay one step ahead of natural product trends

Study: Nano encapsulation of peppermint oil delivers antibacterial wound healing properties

Omega-3s found to benefit children diagnosed with behavioral disorders

Why magnesium may be the single most important nutrient to take for heart health

Improve the health of your thyroid with ashwagandha

Study shows magnesium optimises vitamin D status

Clinical nutrition bolstered by trend for prevention over medication

New JAMA study supports importance of pre-natal supplementation

New study shows gut bacteria can control our genes and development

CBD and Collagen Rise in Popularity as Use Softens for More Common Supplements

Health Drives Surge in Alternative, Plant-Based Product Options

February 2019

The Sangoma’s Dilemma: Practising Traditional Medicine in 21st Century South Africa

Nutritional Supplement Safety Again Confirmed by America’s Largest Database

Ashwagandha for sports? New study suggested herb may boost strength

FDA plans to modernise dietary supplement regulations

CRN welcomes 11 new member companies

Probiotics: the sleeping giant of sports nutrition

Gut-brain axis: RCT shows gut-friendly probiotic improves migraine symptoms

Probiotic-based approach to tackle depression suggested as gut-brain link reinforced in study

Diets in Decline: Vitamin and nutrient deficiencies on the rise

Millennial on a mission to boost mental health with dual-power probiotics

What matters to millennials: supplements they can trust

Can the natural products industry help curb medication addiction

Can a sports nutrition product be too good?

New study confirms the potential of anti-diabetic potential of South African plant

January 2019

Cannabis could be reversing damage to arthritic joints

Global interest in cannabis has governments, companies racing to dominate supply chain

More claims on herbal products now reflect responsible references to science

Senators urge FDA to secure pathway for CBD in supplements, foods

CRN announces new chairman, 2019 board of directors

Eight natural cosmetic trends for 2019

75% of  adults use dietary supplements

The American Pain Association Applauds the Historic Passage of the Farm Bill and Launches Hotline for CBD Education

Nine natural food, beverage and supplement trends to prepare for in 2019

Big issues for 2019: CBD, the microbiome and more

Chart topping health tips on social media

State of the Nutraceuticals Industry for 2019
Survey results indicate high degree of confidence in the future of the dietary supplement and nutritional products industry.

2019 International Buyers’ Guide
An annual reference of companies supplying nutraceutical ingredients, products, and services around the world.

MPs want complementary, traditional and natural medicine to rescue health system from financial crisis
A UK Parliamentary Group has handed down a report advising the UK National Health Service (NHS) to integrate complementary, traditional and natural medicine to ensure the future sustainability of the public healthcare system.



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