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More than 80% of COVID patients are Vitamin D deficient

Elderly patients preciously on Vitamin D3 supplements more likely to survive Covid-19

Probiotics¬† may offer ‘clinically significant’ benefits for some autistic children.

Vitamin market set to hit £500 million but where are the new users?

Medicinal plants: The survival uses of eucalyptus

Ten innovation-boosting 2021 trends

Health supplements, complementary medicines will soon no longer be regulated

Endocannabinoid system: The secret to addressing mood, sleep and stress-related health conditions

Diet and supplements: Swiss panel publishes Covid-19 recommendations

Nine supplements to protect eye health

Health and nutrition trends 2020

UK government urging Vitamin D supplementation in fight against Covid-10

Natural shoppers treat pets like family

TCM and cognitive health in ageing

Supplement sales around the world

Herbal supplements had another stellar year in 2019 with 8.6% sales growth, ABC report says

Experts sound alarm over 2021 botanical supply challenges


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