February 2020

Plant-based and CBD are your biggest opportunities

Implications of coronavirus on supplements industry

Reason for optimism in the supplements market

Hemp benefits for animals

Vitamin K supplementation can help reduce arterial stiffness and improve blood pressure, researchers find

Social interactions may shape the microbial community of the human gut: Study

Plant-based meat products are reaching a broad audience

Levels of iron in brain linked to better cognitive function

Gut mood-ifiers could drive probiotic market growth

January 2020

Herbalife Nutrition scoops impressive award

How to appeal to millennials in 2020

Meta-analyses support omega-3s potential brain health benefits

Reason for optimism in supplements market

Consumers still clamouring for adaptagens

Nutraingredients 2020 trend predictions

Meta-analysis: Peppermint essential oil leads the botanicals pack for IBS

Consistent  multivitamin use positively associated with adequate intake of micronutrients

Council for Responsible Nutrition President and CEO, Steve Mister, shares the top concerns CBD poses for the supplement industry.

Five key diet trend predictions for 2020

December 2019

Massive potential for supplement sales in Asia

Immediate action needed to protect medicinal plants from climate change

Nutraingredients’ Editors 2020 trend predictions

Mobilising the joint health category

Nutrition expert urges action on Vitamin D deficiency in younger populations

Vitafoods Insights Digital Content Platform

Omega-3s may help kids with ADHD

Could curcumin provide an antibiotic-free approach to tackling superbugs?

Exploring the impact of climate change on the nutraceutical supply chain

Demystifying hemp and cannabidiol: introducing the CBD global summit

RCT data suggests vitamin D may help elderly populations fight depression

Marketing personal care products

Astaxanthin supplement shows promise in brain health category

HPA Media Release: Vitamin D lowers risk of cancer death – study
HPA Media Release (Leap) Oct 2019




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