November 2019

NUI’s Global Round-up: Brazil supplemet use, CBd’s novel food status in Germany, and more

Personalised nutrition: A chance for real change

Is elderberry still the hottest immune-booster around?

Plant-based revolution – digital magazine

Hibiscus for high blood pressure

Why you should stock brands that improve the food system

SAPS and SAHPRA Media Release: Use and Marketing of Cannabis
Media Release- SAPS and SAHPRA

Plant-based supplements are all the rage

Supplement raw material market hits $6.3 billion

Social-media myth-busting: Experts expose the lies at sports nutrition conference

Whole Food’s top 10 food trends for 2020

NPA says poll confirms consumers’ desire for CBD regulations

October 2019

Vitamin D oral sprays just as effective as pills, researchers say

Sports Nutrition Key Trends for 2020

How 230 companies lowered their carbon footprints

Researchers confirm: Boost your brain health and relieve anxiety with curcumin, a natural antidepressant

Six red flags when vetting contract manufacturers

Gut health most influenced by teams of bacteria

Nutrient supplementation beneficial for a range of mental disorders

CRN Study: Dietary supplement use more popular than ever

September 2019

Natural product sales continue outpacing conventional

Functional beverages driving global beverage innovation – deep dive

Why customer reviews are important and how to get them

CBD supplement sales rocket to take top spot in the US natural channel

Black cumin is great for allergic rhinitis – and many other conditions

Expert reaction: Could probiotics be an exciting answer to childhood obesity?

‘Promising’: Multi-strain probiotic may help modulate behaviour in health people

RCT supports efficacy of St John’s Wort for postmenopausal symptoms and depression

Brands supporting regenerative agriculture help fix the food system, fight climate change

The ‘clean label’ trend and what it means to supplement consumers

How to spin the right web in a social media economy

Probiotics Asia: How to fast-track access to China’s booming probiotics market

Study reveals Omega-3 is gold standard in mental health nutrients

Contract manufacturing: How to foster a great relationship

CBD: The certified business of disruption – digital magazine

Vitamin D deficiency linked to adolescent aggression

Antibiotic resistance: Why is natural medicine being ignored?

The complex and evolving world of probiotics – deep dive

New vitamin D programme for England and Wales could cut deficiency by 13.2 million, research reveals

Protein powders for an expanding consumer base

Updated pesticide testing for supplements fills important gaps

August 2019

Graceful ageing with natural ingredients

UN calls for global food system revolution

Lower vitamin D levels linked to Parkinson’s disease symptoms, study suggests

Brands must prioritize ingredient stability tests in supplements

Responsible companies should have a mission to help weed out non-compliant claims

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Review: A Health Revolution Where Everyone Benefits – July 2019
P&C Article July2019

Astaxanthin for healthy ageing

How Vitamin D keeps you young and thin

What will help the CBD category go mainstream?

High costs of ‘health foods’ helps drive malnutrition

Trade Groups weight path forward for CBD in dietary supplements

How the organic market changed in 2018



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