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December 2018

The Nutraingredients Review of 2018

Breaking down the $128 billion supplement market

Study shows a certain strain of bacteria could significantly reduce anxiety

The most popular wellness trends of 2018, according to Pinterest

EPA and DHA Omega-3s: Reflections on 2018

13 must-stock supplements for 2019

Supplement Industry must stake claim in climate change debate

Natural Grocers predicts the top 10 hottest nutrition trends in 2019

Curcumin: A major breakthrough in cancer prevention and treatment?

The State of CBD Edibles at Retail

Supplement ingredient and product trends at Natural Products Expo East 2018

Economic Impact Fact:
The dietary supplement industry contributes $122 billion and over 750,000 jobs to the U.S. economy.

Cannabis in the workplace


November 2018

Omega-3s May Reduce Risk of Premature Birth

‘The Adventurous Consumer’ Tops Innova Market Insights’ 2019 Key Trend List

New ginger study makes incredible discovery

How could Brexit impact the sports nutrition category?

October 2018

Marketing CBD is mainly about risk tolerance

Elevating the herbal supplement marketplace

Data reveals trends and habits, reaffirm industry trust of American consumers and dietary supplement use

Ten highlights from CRN workshop

Probiotics: CRN VP says increased scrutiny is ‘not unexpected’; CFU issue needs to be resolved to satisfy scientists.

Global Wellness Market Reaches $4.2 Trillion

Medical cannabis treats cancer and boosts the immune system, say scientists after reviewing more than 100 studies

Naturally Healthy Ingredients Trend on Social Media

Trendspotting: From naturally functional to vegan, and probiotics to Ayurveda and fermented foods.

Probiotics continuously improving, while still showing aspects of variability

Pharma grade CBD reschduled to the least restrictive category in the US



September 2018

The Rise of Beauty Supplements in the US

Serious Superfood: Plant-based supplement start-up says transparency is a ‘basic consumer right’.

US supplement sales top $8 billion, notch 8,5% growt, ABC reports says.

L-theanine is crucial for improving brain health and mental well-being

August 2018

Nutritional psychiatry: Accessing the gut to address the brain

Mandatory folic acid fortification of bread  backed by experts in New Zealand

Kellogg and Reckitt Benckiser join race for GSK nutrition unit

Transforming energy drinks with natural, organic ingredients

Organic personal-care market projected to reach $25.11 billion by 2025


Gut-Brain Axis: New study proposes probiotic strain’s benefit in ameliorating IBS-related


Emerging Supplement Market for Esports


Will Supplements Be Regulated Along With Drugs?

Incredible Growth of Plant-Based Products


July 2018

Protein, probiotics, CBD spur supplements growth
New products kick-start growth, but a retailer’s ability to answer questions about those products determines success in supplements.

Why do Teenagers use Supplements and Where Do They Get Their Advice?

Sassy South African Retailer Riding The Wellness Wave
With its smart store vibe and skilfully curated product offer, South African retailer Wellness Warehouse has been creating quite an impact on the country’s natural and organic channel.

Omega 3 News


CRN rebukes another null study on multivitamins and heart health: “They are not intended to serve as magic bullets”

Supplement sales grow 5.4 percent to reach $43.4B in 2017

CRN Voluntary Guidelines Reinforce Industry Commitment to Consumer Safety

JUNE 2018

Saffron for Emotional Health
Research shows some strong benefits for brain and mood.

Saffron spices up mental health research

Taking Aim at the Global Heart Health Crisis
Functional ingredients provide consumers with tools to combat a worldwide decline in cardiovascular health.

Is PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline Quinone) The Ultimate Anti-Aging “Vitamin” For Your Brain?

How berberine works to slow diabetes-related cognitive decline in Rejuvenation Research

Are Supplements Really Useless?

U.S. Organic Market Reaches Record $49.4 Billion
The sector has more than doubled in size over the last decade, according to Organic Trade Association survey.

MAY 2018

Trending Ingredients at Vitafoods Europe


The Analyst’s Take: 20 percent of supplement consumers expect to increase e-commerce purchases

Vitamin D More Effective than Pharmaceutical Drugs in Treating Herpes Virus

Global Astaxanthin Market to Exceed $1 Billion by 2020

APRIL 2018

Study: Coconut Oil and Other Natural Products Kill Antibiotic Resistant Clostridium Difficile

Nutrition Companies Target Aging Boomers as Interest in Millennials Grows


Effects on functional brain activity of four weeks’ supplementation with a multivitamin and mineral supplement

Probiotics found to offset the detrimental effects of stress on the immune system

Newsweek: “Is Marijuana the World’s Most Effective Treatment for Autism?”

MARCH 2018

Study: Magnesium Found to Treat Depression Better Than Antidepressant Drugs

Dietary Supplement Caucus Briefing Covers Sports Nutrition Products

Don’t Throw Calcium on the Trash Heap because of Possible Anomalous Study, CRN Urges

Years of Pelvic Pain from Endometriosis Gone After Ingesting Virgin Coconut Oil for Six Months

Cannabis proven an effective alternative form of pain relief for elderly patients, allowing many to quit taking dangerous meds, research finds

Curcumin helps reduce muscle soreness and injury pain after physical activity, according to study

TCM herbs found to be safe and very effective for treating “diabetic foot” (neuropathy): Meta-analysis and review

Brazillian Regs to be Altered to Finally Create Distinct Category for Supplements

Keep Up Magnesium Intake To Make Vitamin D Effective

Vitamin D Plus Olive Oil Could Aid Muscle Repait

Why Magnesium Is Essential For Your Health And Energy Levels

Four Science-Backed Benefits of Chlorella

Researchers Stress the Potential for Nutraceuticals

 “Yo-Yo” Weight Gain May Be Casued By Gut Bacteria

Better, safer, less expensive than drugs: Scientists say vitamin D could replace your meds, prevent and even reverse disease

Curcumin Supplement Takes the Pain out of Rugby Tackle After-Effects, Study Finds

Mintel Finds Over Half of Americans Report Living Healthier in 2017

Although physical health is a top priority, mental, and emotional health habits are also high on the list.
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For Herbs, 2017 was a Very Good Year

The past year has been a good one for the industry, with sales reising towards $8 billion and supporting clinical evidence for the category contnuuing to accrue.
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Nutrition Survey Finds Consumers Seeking Fermented Foods

National survey of over 2,000 dietitians reveals movement toward clean, natural, and simple foods.
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Reliability Reigns for Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

Consumers take and trust products to achieve their health and wellness goals, and to fill nutrient gaps in their diet.
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