Label Requirements

HPA policy requires that all Members ensure that their products are labelled according to current legislation.

  • FOODS: The HPA expects all relevant legislation for food and related products to be met, particularly as it relates to product labelling. In South Africa, foodstuffs fall under the scope of the Department of Health’s Food Directorate. Legislation falls under FOODSTUFFS, COSMETICS AND DISINFECTANTS ACT 54 OF 1972 and associated regulations and guidelines.
  • HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS & CAMs: All natural health and nutritional dietary supplements must comply with the relevant aspects of published legislation. In South Africa, health supplements and complementary medicines fall under Act 101. The HPA bases its labelling standards on those included in the latest published legislation.
  • ALLOPATHIC MEDICINES: The HPA bases its labelling standards for allopathic medicines on those included in the latest regulations and standards. In South Africa, Allopathic Medicines fall under Act 101.


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