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    This statement serves to rectify a report by Natural Medicine World on 26 February, 2018, which stated that the HPA was involved in legal action against the SA Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA). I confirm that the HPA is not taking legal action against the SAHPRA. This is in line with our strategy outlined in my Chairperson’s Report at the end of 2017, The HPA’s strategy is to continue in a process of collaborative engagement with government, and this remains firmly on track. And, our goal of seeking a practical, workable solution for the CAMS/HS industry remains key to all of our engagement efforts. The HPA will therefore continue working towards fair CAMS/HS regulations to preserve an industry which millions of South Africans rely on daily for a healthy lifestyle. The HPA is aware of the legal challenge by the Alliance of Natural Health Products Association (ANHPA) and other stakeholders and has communicated that it is ready and willing to help find a workable solution to be implemented expeditiously should the government agree to negotiate with the CAMS/HS industry. The HPA has already drafted such a resolution and framework in the form of the “listing/screening” system, initially agreed to and then rejected by the MCC in 2012. This framework is currently being revised to incorporate an electronic notification and registration system that is used internationally by our peers, and will be ready for presentation when required. In the interim, the HPA will continue to collaborate and engage with the Department of Health and SAHPRA, as well as with national and international alliances and associations, including IADSA, CRN, ITG, SMASA, ANHP, MCA, THO, TNHA and others, aimed at creating a strong and united drive for a workable regulatory framework for the CAMS/HS industry. Sincerely Maria Ascencao Chairperson



    The popularity of essential oils is increasing exponentially. These organic plant compounds, most commonly associated with aromatherapy, have remarkable therapeutic properties that can benefit physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Essential oils are concentrated, fragrant liquids that are extracted from the bark, flowers, fruits, leaves, seeds or roots of plants, thus incorporating the highly aromatic ‘essence’ of the plant


    Wayne Robinsons has been appointed to the Board of Directors at Afriplex (Pty) Ltd in Paarl, Western Cape. The HPA is pleased to announce that Wayne Robinson will remain on the HPA Executive Council as the Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs. Wayne will also remain the HPA representative on the Industry Task Group (ITG), CAMS Working Group and the Marketing Code Authority Board.  We at the HPA wish Wayne every success in his future endeavours, and we are delighted that he will remain an integral part of the HPA Executive.

    The HPA is excited to announce the launch of its new Facebook page, which is being managed by an experienced and dynamic social media company, Leap Communications. The Facebook page has been created to educate the public about the HPA and health-related subjects, as well as to inform consumers, professionals and the industry about the new regulations that severely affect the industry at large. Please visit and like our new page here:  

    TOPIC: NUTRITION FOR AN AGEING POPULATION - The Role of Essential Nutrients for Optimal Ageing DATES: FEBRUARY/MARCH 2018 OBJECTIVES: To promote the necessity of nutritional supplements and lifestyle factors in maintaining physical and mental health throughout the ageing process.

    Ageing is inevitable. Optimal ageing is a choice. As the ageing population increases, the necessity to promote and adopt lifestyle factors that foster healthy ageing become progressively crucial. One of the secrets to optimal ageing is nutrition and supplementation. It is now widely acknowledged that essential nutrients can improve quality of life, reduce health risks, protect against DNA damage, help prevent age- related decline and benefit healthy ageing.

    Globally recognised authority on nutrition, Professor David P. Richardson, is the author of a scientific paper entitled “Nutrition, Healthy Ageing and Public Policy” which was researched and written in cooperation with IADSA’s Scientific Group of leading international scientists.

    According to Richardson, “Nutrition has the power to make a substantial impact on the health and functional status of older individuals. Nutritional interventions, therefore, could hold the promise of mitigating the impending burden of chronic disease and disability, as well as improve the quality of life of the increasing ageing population. For individuals at all stages of life, and particularly older people whose frailty of circumstances may compromise optimal nutrition, food supplements can serve as an effective way of meeting their needs for micronutrients and other substances with physiologically beneficial effects. Healthcare strategies, including the wider use of food supplements, could favourably modulate the age-related decline in most organ functions and the development and progression of many chronic diseases.”

    Richardson’s review explores the factors that influence nutritional status in older people, and describes the physical and cognitive changes that can lead to years of lost good health. It highlights the overwhelming evidence which demonstrates that good nutrition and specific nutrients and other food substances can play a major role in maintaining and enhancing physical and mental performance, as well as delaying the onset of chronic diseases.

    World-renowned academic, David P. Richardson (BSc MSc PhD FIFST FRSM RNutr), is Managing Director of a specialist consultancy in nutrition and food science, DPR Nutrition Ltd. He holds a visiting professorship at the University of Reading, School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy.

    It is envisaged that Professor Richardson gives two lectures in Johannesburg and two in Cape Town - one lecture for the public and one for the trade/industry/professions. A complementary speaker is a possibility. Should there be scope for more than two lectures in each centre, this can be provided for.

    A professional media campaign will take place to promote Professor Richardson’s lectures and inform consumers and professionals of the importance of supplementation in alleviating the ageing process. This will encourage the sale of appropriate products and create awareness of strategies that may assist in ensuring optimal ageing.

    Richardson is an expert in this topic, which should encourage the attendance and attention of medical professionals, dieticians, nutritionists and other related healthcare professionals. He will also appeal to consumers interested in optimal ageing. He is highly qualified and would handle debates or confrontations with professionalism and expertise.

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  •  ASEAN Health Supplement Sector Set to Become a Global Powerhouse – April 2015


  • IADSA and CFDA Celebrates 10 Year of Cooperation – July 2014
  • CRN and IADSA Partner for Broader Reach – July 2014
  • Korea Health Supplements Association (KHSA) to Become Member of IADSA – June 2014
  • IADSA Global Leadership Award Annoucement in Verona, Italy – April 2014
  • First scorecard published on Health Supplements Harmonisation in ASEAN – February 2014


  • IADSA focuses on stability testing and safety as part of its 3-year scientific and technical programme – August 2013
  • IADSA holds expert workshop on applying Codex guidelines – August 2013
  • Codex adopts NRVs at levels supported by IADSA – July 2013
  • Codex increasingly a key reference point for food supplement regulators says IADSA – July 2013
  • IADSA gives first-ever Global Leadership Awards – May 2013
  • IADSA to hold Annual General Meeting in April – April 2013
  • Codex endorses IADSA recommendations to prioritise Magnesium Stearate evaluation for GSFA inclusion – April 2013


  • IADSA keeps the focus on health food regulations in China – October 2012
  • Codex additives inclusions good news for the dietary supplement sector says IADSA – August 2012
  • IADSA re-elects chair Peter Zambetti for second term – April 2012
  • India FSSA a positive step for supplements says IADSA – April 2012
  • Key supplement additives up for inclusion in Codex standard – March 2012
  • IADSA welcomes Mexico association into its fold – February 2012
  • IADSA keeps the focus on additives at Codex – February 2012


  • Codex sets up e-Working Group on Nutrient Reference Values revision – November 2011
  • IADSA suggests framework for bioactives recommended intake – November 2011
  • Scientific Forum debates food supplement science and regulation issues – October 2011
  • IADSA lays out the science in support of supplements for micronutrient adequacy – October 2011
  • Latin America gets first regional food supplement association – September 2011
  • Supplement regulation discussions in Latin America promising, says IADSA – September 2011
  • Supplement regulation across Latin America on ‘official’ agenda – August 2011
  • IADSA to hold 4th scientific forum – August 2011
  • Demand grows for global food supplement GMP guide – August 2011
  • India nutraceuticals market on the rise – July 2011
  • Codex decides on key issues for food supplement sector – July 2011
  • IADSA saves key additive from deletion at Codex – July 2011
  • IADSA releases first ever global GMP guide – June 2011
  • Codex abandons definition and labelling work on GMOs – June 2011
  • Central America and Caribbean regulators meet to discuss supplement regulation – May 2011
  • IADSA saves key additives from deletion at Codex – April 2011
  • IADSA to release first ever global GMP guide – March 2011
  • IADSA highlights global food supplement trends in 2011 agenda – February 2011
  • IADSA expands global arena as Brazilian and Vietnam associations join – February 2011


  • La regulación de los suplementos alimenticios en América Latina toma impulso en la Conferencia de IADSA – Noviembre 2010
  • IADSA Conference gathers momentum on food supplement regulation across Latin America – November 2010
  • Global food supplement associations meet to define world regulation – March 2010
  • Global food supplement sector hold their Annual Meeting – February 2010


  • IADSA clarifies myths surrounding Codex’s work on food supplements – October 2009
  • Top officials meet in Moscow forinternational food supplement conference – July 2009
  • Codex adopts key provisions for food supplements – July 2009
  • Top officials to meet in Moscow at international food supplement conference – May 2009
  • Codex agrees additives for use in food supplements – March 2009
  • South East European officials meet for Training Forum on supplements – March 2009
  • IADSA keeps the spotlight on Latin America in 2009 – February 2009
  • IADSA strengthens ties as two associations join – January 2009


  • Codex agrees risk analysis principles for nutrients – November 2008
  • Codex agrees to consider ALL evidence for scientific basis of health claims – November 2008
  • IADSA pushes for consideration of ALL evidence for Codex scientific basis of health claims – October 2008
  • Health claims based only on human intervention studies not practical says IADSA – August 2008
  • IADSA workshop keeps the focus on Latin America – July 2008
  • Seminar looks to global TMHS regulations for ASEAN model – June 2008
  • Workshop highlights dietary supplement regulation in Mexico – June 2008
  • IADSA celebrates decade of global regulatory achievements – May 2008
  • IADSA welcomes new chairman at 2008 Annual General Meeting – May 2008
  • Expert workshop targets food supplement regulation in Mexico – April 2008
  • IADSA strengthens ties as new association joins – January 2008
  • Regulatory change a boost for emerging supplement markets says IADSA – January 2008


  • Codex to redraft health claims recommendations – December 2007
  • IADSA keeps up the fight for reasonable food additive levels – November 2007
  • Health claims based only on human intervention studies unrealistic says IADSA – October 2007
  • Senior regulators give guidance on accessing Russian market – September 2007
  • IADSA helps companies access Russian Supplement market – August 2007
  • IADSA strengthens ties with the Philippines – August 2007
  • IADSA workshop targets supplement market in Russia – August 2007
  • Regional ginseng regulation should focus on just one species, says IADSA – July 2007
  • Codex adopts additives at IADSA’s advised levels – July 2007
  • Companies urged to take part in global market survey – June 2007
  • IADSA’s action to retain additives yields positive results – May 2007
  • IADSA Workshop an ‘official’ success – April 2007
  • IADSA rates global regulatory improvements ‘six out of ten’ – April 2007
  • Hopes for Codex inclusion of Precautionary Principle dashed – April 2007
  • IADSA highlights healthier ageing at Yokohama Workshop – March 2007
  • IADSA workshop gathers official momentum – March 2007
  • International experts dispute conclusions of antioxidant review – February 2007
  • IADSA sets the agenda for 2007 – February 2007
  • IADSA keeps up the fight for key additives in food supplements – February 2007


  • Asia in the spotlight as dietary supplement regulation evolves – December 2006
  • IADSA assesses safety levels for Bioactives – November 2006
  • Regional dietary and health supplement industry grouping created in Singapore – July 2006



  • International agreement reached on vitamins and minerals in Food Supplements – November 2004
  • Codex Commission makes historic decision on Guidelines on Vitamins and Minerals – July 2004
  • All Eyes on Prague for Future of Supplement Legislation – July 2004
  • Enlarged European Union will meet to develop the Future of Food Supplements – April 2004


  • Latin American governments agree need for common approach to supplements regulation – Nov 2003
  • Codex Committee breaks through the barriers to Consumers’ use of Food Supplements – November 2003


  • Supplements Essential to Manage Japanese Health Care – October 2002
  • First Asian Conference demands increased dialogue on Food Supplements – September 2002
  • IADSA Summary of Vitamin and Mineral Recommended nutrient intakes  – July 2002
  • Dietary Supplements: First Asian Conference of Government and Industry – May 2002
  • Three More Dietary Supplement Associations Join IADSA – March 2002


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Events & Training




HPA EXECUTIVE & GENERAL MEETINGS:  12h30-15h00  15h30-17h00
•    Thursday April 5th Thursday April 19th
•    Thursday June 7th
•    Thursday August 2nd
•    Thursday October 4th
•    Thursday December 6th

*    Thursday June 28th
•    Thursday September 13th
•    Thursday November 15th

•    Thursday July 5th
•    Thursday September 6th
•    Thursday November 8th


The HPASA (Health Product Association South Africa) will be applying for funding for a pavilion at NATURAL & ORGANIC ASIA which runs from 29-31 August 2018 in Hong Kong.
Since 2014, Natural & Organic Products Asia (NOPA) has been the leading trade platform for all things natural and organic. Last year’s show attracted over 250 exhibitors from more than 31 nations & regions, showcasing thousands of natural, certified, healthy, wholesome and organic products in Hong Kong.
HPASA will be applying to the DTI for SSAS funding for their pavilion to this event again and which will cover the following upfront costs for companies up to:
– 100% of the costs of return flights;
– 100% of the costs of ground transport;
– 100% of the costs of the stand space only;
– 100% of the cost of accommodation;
– 100% of the costs related to the transport of the product to trade show return as approved by theDTI.
We need a minimum of ten exhibiting companies from the HPA/SA.
APPROVED companies will be required to pay R 4,500 towards the administration and management costs. This amount will only need to be made payable in full to HPASA once the DTI have sent the approval letter and your company name appears on this confirming your involvement.
Please confirm if you are interested in attending this event by e-mailing: and they will send you the required application form and checklist.
Please note that the completed DTI’s SSAS application form, together with supporting documentation, must be submitted by no later than Wednesday 28th February 2018.

We hope that we can get this exciting project up and running. If not, we shall try again for Natural & Organic Products EUROPE – London – 21-22 April 2019


Africa Health

When: 29-31 May 2018
Where: Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Africa Health is the largest healthcare event on the continent and will bring together more than 553 companies from 37 countries to showcase the latest healthcare technology and products.
The Exhibitor Directory is now live:
Register now for your free pass to the show:



2nd Southern African Congress of Integrative Medicine -17-18 November 2018

At the 2nd Southern African Congress of Integrative Medicine, practitioners from all facets of traditional and non-traditional medicine unite as one, cohesive community. Attendees learn, network, and return to their practices with an enhanced appreciation of the modern patient’s full range of healthcare options.
The Southern African Congress of Integrative Medicine education sessions offer Q&A opportunities and deliver clinical takeaways that can be implemented into your practice immediately.
Explore new and emerging integrative healthcare products and solutions
The learning and discovery-rich atmosphere doesn’t end at the lecture hall doors.
Grab a colleague and explore the Congress Exhibition, meet the vendors and learn how the latest products, tools and tech can enhance your everyday practice.
Board Members: Dr Leila Sadien Congress Chair, Dr David M Nye President SASIM, Prof Bernard Brom Inaugural Chair, Dr Siobhan Dawson Board Member, Dr Renee Usdin Board Member.
For more information:



IADSA will be holding its 20th Anniversary in June 2018 in London, the city where the Alliance was originally founded and is based today. The Association looks forward to seeing many industry stakeholders at the Annual Week, both to reflect on the progress made over the past twenty years and to look forward to the future. It would also like to invite people to formally celebrate the Anniversary at the Sky Garden, one of the most exciting locations in London.
The meetings will be held at the Hilton Tower Bridge. However, in view of the many good hotel options at varying prices in the area, a block booking has not been fixed.
For more information and the full agenda:






NutraIngredients’ Probiota is the leading annual event for the global prebiotic , probiotic and the microbiota focused food and pharma industries. Once again, partnering with the IPA, the IPA World Congress + Probiota 2018 is coming to Barcelona, Spain and will bring together leading experts to present the latest scientific, technical and market insights.  Business and academia from around the globe will come together to discuss innovation and growth in today’s market.
For more information:





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