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    Daily Sun (Cape), Sun Food - p.27 - 28 Apr


    Minerals are inorganic substances that originate in the earth. These micronutrients are absorbed from the soil by plants, and people assimilate their benefits either directly by eating vegetables and fruit, or indirectly by consuming animal products. As the human body cannot manufacture minerals, they must be derived from food or supplements.

  • HPA WORKSHOP: A Practical Guide to GMP for CAMS & an Insight into Stability

    The HPA is to host vitally important GMP workshops in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Under the theme "A Practical Guide to GMP for CAMS & An Insight Into Stability". The workshop will assist with understanding the procedures required GMP for CAMS focusing particularly on herbals and other complementary ingredients/products etc.  It will give an insight into  GMP requirements and  Stability.  This workshop is for any CAMS company personnel whether they be in marketing, sales, procurement or are manufacturers/raw material importers.  It is essential that these two requirements are understood by all involved in the CAMS industry.  The Workshop will de-mystify many concerns as companies/employees must ensure that they have the appropriate information as to how their products need to be GMP approved and also they should be assured that their contractors are GMP compliant and know what to look for.  Companies need to know that they are part of the link in the Consumer Protection Act and should have an appropriate amount of knowledge for each process needed to put a product onto the market. VENUE:  JHB:  ASCENDIS HEALTH DIRECT TRAINING ROOM, TUSCANY OFFICE PK,  6 COOMBE PL. RIVONIA CT:  AMWAY TRAINING ROOM, 14 CHRISTIAN BARNARD ST.  FORESHORE, CT TIME:   10H00 – 15H00 COST:    HPA MEMBERS: R500.00 for HPA Members- R250.00pp for every additional member from the same company:  i.e. R500.00 x 1 member  & R250.00 for each additional delegate from the same company NON-HPA MEMBERS:    R800.00 per non-HPA Member (Includes:  Refreshments & Conference Presentations) PROGRAMME: 09h30 – 10H00        REGISTRATION 10H00    -10H15        Welcome & Introduction:  Wayne Robinson Technical & Regulatory Director, HPA 10h15 – 11h00    DEBBIE FLANDORP: QA Manager & Responsible Pharmacist with many years’ experience in the CAMS field.   Principles of a GMP Environment as it relates to both local  and  international certification. 11h15-12h15     DERYCK SMITH : GMP Technical Advisor:    Pharma Facility Services Self-Inspections. A guide to a self-inspection as it relates to the manufacturing process, equipment with special focus on HVAC and facility layout. 11h45- 12h15    DERYCK SMITH:  This is a very practical presentation giving tips on what to look for when carrying out a self-inspection of the services and facility.  The presentation will also be able to be used by manufacturers as a template for doing a self-inspection. This will  mainly related to HVAC system or manufacturing equipment. 12h15 – 13h00        Refreshments 13h00 – 13h45        DEBBIE FLANDORP:  Stability from a quality compliance and regulatory perspective 13h45 – 14h30      DR. HERMAN JULSING: Operational Director, Stabil Labs. Insight into Stability Testing from a storage perspective & simplified requirements 14h30-15h00        Questions & Answer and Close BOOKING FORMS: HPA Workshop Booking Form 2017 CT HPA Workshop Booking Form March2017 JHB SPEAKER CVs HPA Workshop Deryck Smith CV March2017 HPA Workshop DFlandorp CVMarch 2017 HPA WorkshopCV Julsing March 2017
  • Individual Risk Relative to the Use of Food Supplements in the UK

    Individual Risk Relative to the Use of Food Supplements in the UK  
  • Societal vs Individual Risk of Death in the United Kingdom

    Societal vs Individual Risk of Death in the UK  

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  •  ASEAN Health Supplement Sector Set to Become a Global Powerhouse – April 2015


  • IADSA and CFDA Celebrates 10 Year of Cooperation – July 2014
  • CRN and IADSA Partner for Broader Reach – July 2014
  • Korea Health Supplements Association (KHSA) to Become Member of IADSA – June 2014
  • IADSA Global Leadership Award Annoucement in Verona, Italy – April 2014
  • First scorecard published on Health Supplements Harmonisation in ASEAN – February 2014


  • IADSA focuses on stability testing and safety as part of its 3-year scientific and technical programme – August 2013
  • IADSA holds expert workshop on applying Codex guidelines – August 2013
  • Codex adopts NRVs at levels supported by IADSA – July 2013
  • Codex increasingly a key reference point for food supplement regulators says IADSA – July 2013
  • IADSA gives first-ever Global Leadership Awards – May 2013
  • IADSA to hold Annual General Meeting in April – April 2013
  • Codex endorses IADSA recommendations to prioritise Magnesium Stearate evaluation for GSFA inclusion – April 2013


  • IADSA keeps the focus on health food regulations in China – October 2012
  • Codex additives inclusions good news for the dietary supplement sector says IADSA – August 2012
  • IADSA re-elects chair Peter Zambetti for second term – April 2012
  • India FSSA a positive step for supplements says IADSA – April 2012
  • Key supplement additives up for inclusion in Codex standard – March 2012
  • IADSA welcomes Mexico association into its fold – February 2012
  • IADSA keeps the focus on additives at Codex – February 2012


  • Codex sets up e-Working Group on Nutrient Reference Values revision – November 2011
  • IADSA suggests framework for bioactives recommended intake – November 2011
  • Scientific Forum debates food supplement science and regulation issues – October 2011
  • IADSA lays out the science in support of supplements for micronutrient adequacy – October 2011
  • Latin America gets first regional food supplement association – September 2011
  • Supplement regulation discussions in Latin America promising, says IADSA – September 2011
  • Supplement regulation across Latin America on ‘official’ agenda – August 2011
  • IADSA to hold 4th scientific forum – August 2011
  • Demand grows for global food supplement GMP guide – August 2011
  • India nutraceuticals market on the rise – July 2011
  • Codex decides on key issues for food supplement sector – July 2011
  • IADSA saves key additive from deletion at Codex – July 2011
  • IADSA releases first ever global GMP guide – June 2011
  • Codex abandons definition and labelling work on GMOs – June 2011
  • Central America and Caribbean regulators meet to discuss supplement regulation – May 2011
  • IADSA saves key additives from deletion at Codex – April 2011
  • IADSA to release first ever global GMP guide – March 2011
  • IADSA highlights global food supplement trends in 2011 agenda – February 2011
  • IADSA expands global arena as Brazilian and Vietnam associations join – February 2011


  • La regulación de los suplementos alimenticios en América Latina toma impulso en la Conferencia de IADSA – Noviembre 2010
  • IADSA Conference gathers momentum on food supplement regulation across Latin America – November 2010
  • Global food supplement associations meet to define world regulation – March 2010
  • Global food supplement sector hold their Annual Meeting – February 2010


  • IADSA clarifies myths surrounding Codex’s work on food supplements – October 2009
  • Top officials meet in Moscow forinternational food supplement conference – July 2009
  • Codex adopts key provisions for food supplements – July 2009
  • Top officials to meet in Moscow at international food supplement conference – May 2009
  • Codex agrees additives for use in food supplements – March 2009
  • South East European officials meet for Training Forum on supplements – March 2009
  • IADSA keeps the spotlight on Latin America in 2009 – February 2009
  • IADSA strengthens ties as two associations join – January 2009


  • Codex agrees risk analysis principles for nutrients – November 2008
  • Codex agrees to consider ALL evidence for scientific basis of health claims – November 2008
  • IADSA pushes for consideration of ALL evidence for Codex scientific basis of health claims – October 2008
  • Health claims based only on human intervention studies not practical says IADSA – August 2008
  • IADSA workshop keeps the focus on Latin America – July 2008
  • Seminar looks to global TMHS regulations for ASEAN model – June 2008
  • Workshop highlights dietary supplement regulation in Mexico – June 2008
  • IADSA celebrates decade of global regulatory achievements – May 2008
  • IADSA welcomes new chairman at 2008 Annual General Meeting – May 2008
  • Expert workshop targets food supplement regulation in Mexico – April 2008
  • IADSA strengthens ties as new association joins – January 2008
  • Regulatory change a boost for emerging supplement markets says IADSA – January 2008


  • Codex to redraft health claims recommendations – December 2007
  • IADSA keeps up the fight for reasonable food additive levels – November 2007
  • Health claims based only on human intervention studies unrealistic says IADSA – October 2007
  • Senior regulators give guidance on accessing Russian market – September 2007
  • IADSA helps companies access Russian Supplement market – August 2007
  • IADSA strengthens ties with the Philippines – August 2007
  • IADSA workshop targets supplement market in Russia – August 2007
  • Regional ginseng regulation should focus on just one species, says IADSA – July 2007
  • Codex adopts additives at IADSA’s advised levels – July 2007
  • Companies urged to take part in global market survey – June 2007
  • IADSA’s action to retain additives yields positive results – May 2007
  • IADSA Workshop an ‘official’ success – April 2007
  • IADSA rates global regulatory improvements ‘six out of ten’ – April 2007
  • Hopes for Codex inclusion of Precautionary Principle dashed – April 2007
  • IADSA highlights healthier ageing at Yokohama Workshop – March 2007
  • IADSA workshop gathers official momentum – March 2007
  • International experts dispute conclusions of antioxidant review – February 2007
  • IADSA sets the agenda for 2007 – February 2007
  • IADSA keeps up the fight for key additives in food supplements – February 2007


  • Asia in the spotlight as dietary supplement regulation evolves – December 2006
  • IADSA assesses safety levels for Bioactives – November 2006
  • Regional dietary and health supplement industry grouping created in Singapore – July 2006



  • International agreement reached on vitamins and minerals in Food Supplements – November 2004
  • Codex Commission makes historic decision on Guidelines on Vitamins and Minerals – July 2004
  • All Eyes on Prague for Future of Supplement Legislation – July 2004
  • Enlarged European Union will meet to develop the Future of Food Supplements – April 2004


  • Latin American governments agree need for common approach to supplements regulation – Nov 2003
  • Codex Committee breaks through the barriers to Consumers’ use of Food Supplements – November 2003


  • Supplements Essential to Manage Japanese Health Care – October 2002
  • First Asian Conference demands increased dialogue on Food Supplements – September 2002
  • IADSA Summary of Vitamin and Mineral Recommended nutrient intakes  – July 2002
  • Dietary Supplements: First Asian Conference of Government and Industry – May 2002
  • Three More Dietary Supplement Associations Join IADSA – March 2002


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    HPA EXCO MEETINGS:    12H30-15H30:  Bryanston Country Club
    HPA GENERAL MEETINGS 15H30-17H30: Bryanston Country Club
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    HPA MEETINGS  10h00-12h00: Kelvin Grove
    Thursday August 3rd
    •    Thursday October 19th


NutraIngredients’ Probiota is the leading annual event for the global prebiotic, probiotic and the microbiota focused food and pharma industries. Probiota 2017 in Berlin, Germany is on track to break attendance records and will be exploring the new scientific frontier, its evolution and commercial application in food, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and related product areas across the globe. Leading experts will present the latest scientific, technical and market insights and business and academia from around the globe will come together to discuss innovation and growth in today’s market.
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Conference Series LLC cordially invites you to the “2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Marine Drugs and Natural Products to be held from June 15-17, 2017 in London, United Kingdom.The theme of the conference is “Nature as a Medicine”. This conference will provide an exceptional opportunity to promote your organization and would be an excellent chance to meet colleagues, to exchange knowledge and experience, and to extend your list of contacts and will also provide a broad ranging platform for informative and interactive discussions with contributions by recognized experts from industry, associations and academia.

Natural Products 2017 is offering Exhibitor opportunities at the venue for those who intend to showcase new and emerging technologies.Exhibitor Benefits: • One complimentary congress registration • One complimentary speaker opportunity • An opportunity to sponsor 1 Poster Presentation Award • One exhibit booth (Size-3X3 sqm) • Logo recognition on congress website sponsorship page • Verbal recognition during Opening and Closing Ceremony • One page add in conference souvenir • One insert provided by the exhibitor in the congress delegate bags

There are also various sponsorship opportunities:
Sponsorships/Exhibitions Prices
Elite sponsor USD 7500
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Exhibitions USD 1500

The organizing committee would like to invite you and your organization to be a part of conference as an Exhibitor.
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For more information on how your organization could benefit from this event and to discuss the full range of lead generating, networking and branding opportunities that exist, feel free to contact
Sophie Turner
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Direct: (702) 508-5200
Customer Service: +1 (800) 216 6499


NutraIngredients-Asia is delighted to announce that the first Asia edition of the global probiotics and prebiotics summit, Probiota, will be held in Singapore in October.


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