TOPIC: NUTRITION FOR AN AGEING POPULATION – The Role of Essential Nutrients for Optimal Ageing


OBJECTIVES: To promote the necessity of nutritional supplements and lifestyle factors in maintaining physical and mental health throughout the ageing process.

Ageing is inevitable. Optimal ageing is a choice. As the ageing population increases, the necessity to promote and adopt lifestyle factors that foster healthy ageing become progressively crucial. One of the secrets to optimal ageing is nutrition and supplementation. It is now widely acknowledged that essential nutrients can improve quality of life, reduce health risks, protect against DNA damage, help prevent age- related decline and benefit healthy ageing.

Globally recognised authority on nutrition, Professor David P. Richardson, is the author of a scientific paper entitled “Nutrition, Healthy Ageing and Public Policy” which was researched and written in cooperation with IADSA’s Scientific Group of leading international scientists.

According to Richardson, “Nutrition has the power to make a substantial impact on the health and functional status of older individuals. Nutritional interventions, therefore, could hold the promise of mitigating the impending burden of chronic disease and disability, as well as improve the quality of life of the increasing ageing population. For individuals at all stages of life, and particularly older people whose frailty of circumstances may compromise optimal nutrition, food supplements can serve as an effective way of meeting their needs for micronutrients and other substances with physiologically beneficial effects. Healthcare strategies, including the wider use of food supplements, could favourably modulate the age-related decline in most organ functions and the development and progression of many chronic diseases.”

Richardson’s review explores the factors that influence nutritional status in older people, and describes the physical and cognitive changes that can lead to years of lost good health. It highlights the overwhelming evidence which demonstrates that good nutrition and specific nutrients and other food substances can play a major role in maintaining and enhancing physical and mental performance, as well as delaying the onset of chronic diseases.

World-renowned academic, David P. Richardson (BSc MSc PhD FIFST FRSM RNutr), is Managing Director of a specialist consultancy in nutrition and food science, DPR Nutrition Ltd. He holds a visiting professorship at the University of Reading, School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy.

It is envisaged that Professor Richardson gives two lectures in Johannesburg and two in Cape Town – one lecture for the public and one for the trade/industry/professions. A complementary speaker is a possibility. Should there be scope for more than two lectures in each centre, this can be provided for.

A professional media campaign will take place to promote Professor Richardson’s lectures and inform consumers and professionals of the importance of supplementation in alleviating the ageing process. This will encourage the sale of appropriate products and create awareness of strategies that may assist in ensuring optimal ageing.

Richardson is an expert in this topic, which should encourage the attendance and attention of medical professionals, dieticians, nutritionists and other related healthcare professionals. He will also appeal to consumers interested in optimal ageing. He is highly qualified and would handle debates or confrontations with professionalism and expertise.


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